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A pleasant, educational beer tasting among family, friends or colleagues? This is now possible with Yinto, wherever and whenever you like. Simple, without preparation, with online videos. For only 12,49 euros per person!

How does it work?

More than just tasting a beer

You will learn to taste properly, boost your beer knowledge, and hear the authentic story behind the top five beers served.


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Order on time with one of our partners, all reliable beer web shops. Specify the number of people participating and get the beer package delivered at home, together with an access code to the videos and all instructions. Take into account the delivery time of the web shop


Conduct of the workshop

Come together, discover and enjoy! And, yes, each participant will receive a "certificate" as proof of the acquired expertise.



Heavenly Trappist Beers

Even though these five Trappist beers are being brewed in silence, they carry a great story with them. Go on a journey into the world of the monks of the Trappist order, where beer brewing fit the leitmotif: Pray and work. And beautiful work they deliver: award-winning beers, quirky and unrivaled quality.






After months of preparation, the time has come. We are very proud to present to you our new online workshop concept. As a beer lover you'll get the opportunity to easily organise beer tastings yourself, wherever and whenever you want!

The principle is simple: You order a beer package, and on top of the beer you'll get access to online videos for a total experience. All ingredients are there for a pleasant, nice and educational evening with friends.

When ordering and upon delivery of the package, as the host you'll receive the necessary instructions around the conduct of the session. You will notice that it is self-explanatory.

Discover and enjoy together. Have lots of fun!

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You can order a workshop package with one of our partners, all of which are reliable web shops. When ordering you indicate the number of people participating and you'll receive the beer package delivered at home, together with a code that gives you access to the interactive workshop. What happens next, in a nutshell:
  • From the Yinto platform you can send all workshop invitees a personalised invitation in your name.
  • Meanwhile you can have a look at all videos in preview, and get access to “additional facts” about the respective beers.
  • At any given moment you can see which of your invitees has confirmed.
  • A few days before the event, each participant will again be reminded by e-mail.
  • On the day of the workshop, one click is enough to start the event.
  • And finally, one day after the workshop, each participant will receive a follow-up e-mail. This e-mail contains a personalised digital certificate for the participant. Nice, isn’t it?

You will receive many more practical instructions around the preparation and conduct of a session, together with your login code, after placing your order.

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About Yinto

As Yinto we want to inspire epicureans all over the world to discover authentic delicacies with accompanying stories.

We are building an experience layer on top of authentic delicacies, upgrading a tasting to a social and educational experience, where and when this is desired.


You can leave a message for Yinto via the below contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note, for practical questions regarding the order, payment and delivery of a beer workshop package, please contact the appropriate web shop partner.